Protecting for Generations to Come


Since taking ownership, the owners have invested heavily in improving the conservation and sporting habitat of the estate.When the estate was bought in 2000, 7,063 acres was occupied by tenant farmers which had resulted in heavy grazing and habitat damage. 

The owners have since taken back in hand more than half of the tenanted farm area, allowing stock exclusion and habitat regeneration. Those stock that are grazed on the hill are done so in controlled numbers, and are treated for tick thereby acting as a tick mop and promoting grouse health.

Dorback Conservation

Growing & Flourishing

Under conservation schemes, the low ground farmland has been planted with species rich, wild flower meadows with wide field margins and hedgerows. Over 15km of hedgerows have been planted and over 300 hectares of new native woodland has been established across the estate - that's over 1 million trees!

Conservation at Dorback Estate